Garmin GPS NUVI 765 Product -
Standout Features
  • Lane Assist
  • Maps for USA & Canada
  • Lifetime Traffic
  • 3-D Maps
  • Text to Speech

Seagate 300 TB hard drive - As we all have experience every softwares, operating systems, video in high quality qualities are getting bigger in size. But we don't have to worry a little. The famous hard disks manufacturer, Seagate announced to release new hard drives with huge storage. Tb here indicates not Terabytes but Tera bits. Seagate's hard drive with storage of 37.5 tera bytes which is equal to 300 tera bits will be available in market all over the world by year 2010. Moreover, Seagate is also developing hard drives with more storage, 500 Tb and 1000 Tb hard disks which will be available by 2011 and 2012.

Toshiba Satellite U505-S2010 - Toshiba Satellite U505’s was never very slim ultra portable system. The focus of the system has more power and features than the portability. This continues with the latest revision of the 13-inch upgrades, that the display and the processor.